Popcorn Show-and-Sell

We ask that scouts sign up for at least one time slot. Scouts are welcome to come early or stay after their time as we will be sharing our proceeds based on the amount of time spent selling. Please sign up for more than one slot if you are able to do so. We just want to ensure we have adequate coverage over the course of our shifts. If you are flexible, please indicate so in the comments and I may ask you to switch spots to even things out.

The scouts are in charge of the day! They will be doing all the selling, calculating the price, collecting money, and making change. Of course, with our age group they are going to need quite a bit of guidance with money. Parents will help guide their scout to handle as many operations as they think they are ready for and to keep an eye on the money.

Sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b4aacae22a0ff2-show5